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You can use PivotalTrackerAgent to update projects on for your own tools. Or you can use it as an utility library for TFS Event Service solution which is another project I will be creating later.

  • You have to get and pass your token into these methods. If you need more information on how to get a Pivotal Tracker's token, please reference their FAQ for Pivotal Tracker API
  • You have to know your ProjectID (and/or StoryID & TaskID) to update the project. It means you have to create the project from PivotalTracker's web GUI. With the TFS Event Service solution, we will save those information into TFS's workitems.

Available Methods:
  • AddComments - Add comments to a story, can be used to carry the check-in comments
  • AddStory - Add a story, can be used when creating new work items
  • UpdateStory_State - Update Story State, can be used for work item state changes
  • UpdateTask - Update a Task
  • GetMembers - Get available members, can be used to list available members of the project before assigning work
  • IsValidMember - Check to see if the user is a valid member for the project, can be used when updating the project
  • IsValidPoint - Check to see if the point is a valid point for the project, can be used when updating the project

  • Download the project
  • Unzip it
  • Add it to your existing solution or create a separate solution for it

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